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Bobbi is a 1994 Master Herbalist graduate from the Trinity College of Natural Health, which is accredited by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification and Accreditation Board. In 1998, she graduated as a Nutrition Consultant from the American Academy of Nutrition, which is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council. In 2005, Bobbi successfully passed the Board examination for Certified Nutrition Consultants, and was accepted as a Diplomat Member of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants. She is currently completing certification in Applied Clinical Nutrition through Texas Chiropractic College and Standard Process of Northern California and continues her education in functional medicine and restorative endocrinology. Her studies of the link between diet and degenerative diseases and her desire to educate others motivated her to open The Natural Alternative Nutrition Center in 1995.

Lisa successfully completed her studies in Naturopathic Medicine and received her Diploma as a Naturopathic Practitioner from the Trinity College of Natural Health in 2001, and became a certified Reflexologist in 2000. She has 20 years experience in holistic healthcare and has managed The Natural Alternative since it first opened in 1995. Lisa continues to study and research for the highest quality supplements & herbs for us to carry. She is passionate about our purification cleanses that can help one transition to a healthy body & a healthy mind, and how easy it is to enjoy natural foods without feeling deprived.




Renee is a Naturopathic Practitioner and Certified Nutrition Consultant, and graduated through the New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Studies. Renee is also the Manager for The Natural Alternative. She keeps up to date with latest breakthroughs in superfoods, gut health, and detoxification. She specializes in whole food plant based nutrition and has a passion for a healthy lifestyle and mind. Renee knows the importance on how applying natural lifestyle approaches can act to facilitate the body's own health building potential.

The staff at The Natural Alternative emphasizes the importance of diet and lifestyle changes to achieve optimal health, as well as supplementation to meet the physical demands of today’s lifestyles.

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