Happy New Year & Healthy New You! 


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The staff at The Natural Alternative would like to wish you a healthy, happy new year! What can you do to "jump start" you body into health and wellness (and weight loss) for the new year?

Stop by The Natural Alternative and find out how you can "jump start" your way to better health using the Whole Body Cleanses, which is a 10 cleanse, or let us show you our 7 day, 14 day cleanses-all 20% OFF through the month of January! 

If you feel the need for a more structured detox/weight loss program, ask about our 10 day, 21 day, and 28 day detox/weight loss programs that have a proven track record with weight loss, improved mental clarity, deeper sleep, clearer skin and better energy! These programs receive rave reviews and are truly the best way to jump start a healthy lifestyle. Call or stop by for more info! 

"After the New Year I was feeling fatigued and sluggish, had horrible sugar cravings and suffering from skin hives. The 21 day cleanse sounded like just what I needed. I was not hungry, my energy returned and my hives cleared up in a week! I have lost a total of 27lbs! Thank you!" RW

Happy, healthy new year to all our treasured customers! 

We now carry the highest quality, full spectrum CBD!  

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