*The information contained herein is for educational purposes only and does not constitute diagnosis, prescription, or treatment and is not intended to be used as a substitute for medical counseling with a health professional.

Hear what our customers are saying!

Rose Alchemista

"I had a rash that would not go away. I went to Natural Alternative in Paso. They recommended Rose Alchemista. Within 3 days the rash was gone. I now use it for everything, cuts, scrapes. Thank you again Natural Alternative for carrying such amazing products that work. I keep one in my car and one on my coffee table".

-Happy Customer

CBD Daily

"Bobbi recommened CBD Daily for my knees. I was a bit hesitant. I have tried every cream, oil, spray for joint pain. The doctor told me 1 knee is bone on bone. I tried CBD Daily almost a year ago. Amazing results! I used 2x a day for a few weeks. After years of pain in my knee, the pain is gone. Now I use CBD Daily as needed when my knee begins to act up. Amazing product!"

-Donelle D.


"I used to suffer from Diverticulitus and ever since I started taking a daily probiotic I have seen a drastic change in my colon health in the last 4 years. You can balance your colon health optimally by rotating brands monthly, by changing brands you are getting different beneficial strains. It has been a life saver for me, I haven't had a colonoscopy for 10 years! I recommend the Orthomolecular brand and the Garden of Life Dr. Formulated probiotics".


Curamed & Curamin

"I was taking 3 Advil a day for joint pain. I was worried about what it was doing to my stomach. I have been taking Curamed for general inflammation. With the colder weather my joints were in more pain so I started taking Curamin and it has worked better than the Advil".

-Janet Marcotte 


"Sinatrol was recommended when I came in with severe post nasal drip and congestion. I took 3/day as recommended and it worked great-cleared me up and now I am just taking 1/day to maintain. Great product"! 


All Good Goop

"I used the All Good on my horses eyes as the over the counter fly spray hurts their eyes. I rubbed a small amount of all natural and organic All Good Goop around their eyes and it keeps the flies away from their eyes"!

-Happy customer

Bone Strength

"I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis and with the change in supplements to Bone Strength and weight bearing exercise I am now Osteopenia"!


Multi Collagen w/ Bone Broth Protein

"I started taking the Multi Collagen with my Bone Broth protein for general health, and after about 3 weeks I realized my joint pain was gone! I would wake at night with pain and it is gone! Best thing that's ever happened to me I'll tell everyone".


Lidtke CBD GOLD 250mg

"I feel like my best self after starting CBD. No dread, less anxiety, more energy and internal peace. I take a full a full dropper twice a day and noticed the difference after 5 days! Its natural qualities give me peace of mind that I'm solving these issues without medications. Highly recommend"! 

-Happy Customer

21 Day Purification Program

"After getting to the point in my life where I needed to make a change to help improve my overall health I made the decision to try the Standard Process 21 day cleanse. My goal was to jump start my overall health and start making healthier decisions, but I was amazed to lose 22 lbs during the 21 days! The Standard Process cleanse included everything I needed, and there was even an app I downloaded to help me follow along during the 21 days. As happy as I was to see the weight come off I was even more amazed at how great I started to feel. I've dealt with sinus issues for years and tried many over the counter and prescription medicines to help deal with the pain, pressure, and headaches from it. I'm happy to say that I haven't had to take anything since starting and then completing the cleanse. I have more energy and my mind feels so much clearer. I would highly recommend the Standard Process cleanse to anyone wanting to change the way they feel and start living a healthy lifestyle"! 


Natural Deodorant

"The staff at The Natural Alternative is so knowledgeable. I have been trying to find a more natural deodorant, and I finally found one I fell in love with, Fastbalss & Fisticuffs! Thanks again for the amazing find".

-Happy customer

Purification Program

"I completed the 21 day cleanse and felt wonderful! Wanting to lose a few pounds and hoping to improve my overall health, I'm happy to report that both were accomplished. For the past several years I have had numerous heart palpitations throughout the day. During the cleanse I eventually realized that I hadn't had any! Oh, joy! The dedication to the cleanse paid off substantially"!

-Jennifer C

Quality Products at The Natural Alternative

"If it's in this store, it's got to be good or it wouldn't be here. Very excited about the positive results from my supplement purchases". 

-Robert M. Very happy customer


"The supplement Acid Ease worked better for acid reflux than any other medications that
were prescribed for my husband.  He has no more (heartburn)problems"!

-Iris D

Stop Leg Cramps

"My friend started taking Stops Leg Cramps 3 days ago (from The Natural Alternative) and hasn't had a leg cramp since!  She had been taking medication for cramping as it interfered with her sleep every night, and since she started Stops Leg Cramps no more cramps!  I came in to get some for my husband".


IP6 with Inositol

"IP6 with Inositol works great for smokers cough. I give my husband 1-2 and cough disappears in 15 minutes! He's 74 and won't give up cigars"!

- Ann Schmidt

Snore Stop Fast Tablets

"The Snore Stop Tabs work great! My husband is no longer keeping me awake"! 

- Julie

21-Day Purification Program

"I lost a total of 15# on the 21 Day Purification Program!  I felt great!  I was sleeping better, absolutely no digestive problems.  I have already asked several friends to try the program and they are seeing results as well.  You are able to eat real food, fruit and vegetables from the beginning, and by the 8th day I was able to add healthy protein (protein shakes add clean protein to your daily diet as well).  I can't say enough about how easy and productive this program is.  I feel great!

-Dee L.

21 Day Purification Program

After the New Year I was feeling fatigued, sluggish, and low energy.  I was having sugar cravings and suffering from skin hives.   So when Natural Alternative sent out an email about a Cleanse, I thought, I have to find out more about this.  I attended the information meeting and the program sounded like it was just what I needed.     Also, losing weight would be a bonus.

I started the cleanse in March.  It seemed easy for me.  I was NOT hungry, my energy returned, and my hives cleared up in about a week!  I followed the program closely and started losing weight right away.  I have lost a total of 27 lbs. 

Also, the cleanse helped me change my eating habits:  no more sugar, carbs, or gluten.   I focus on fresh vegetables, fruits, and protein.  Salad is my new best friend. 

I plan on doing the cleanse yearly! 

- Robin W.

Carpel Tunnel Relief with Curamed

I have carpel tunnel, and I needed to get surgery and wear a brace. I couldn't make a fist, fully bend my wrists and was dropping things. I tried Curamed and didn't have to have surgery and stopped wearing a brace. Curamed worked great!

- Matthew H.

Healthy Hair + Hot Flash Relief

I have encouraged many friends and family members to use Bonita for their hair issues. With that being said, my daughter and a few of my girlfriends are now taking it with great results! It's a great product.

Also, I have shared my results taking chaste berry and how it's pretty much relieved my hot flashes completely. I take it religiously in the morning with my Bonita.

- Laurinda Roberts

Joint Health

After seeing many Dr's and 2 years of not being able to stand up straight, within a couple hours of taking 6 capsules [of Joint Health] I was able to straighten up and also found more flexibility in movement and less pain. Happy Camper!

- A Happy Customer

After taking o.t.c. and prescription medications for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) for several years, I found they were no longer effective. I didn't realize the medications were making the situation worse. Acid reflux was escalating and I was miserable. Bobbi at The Natural Alternative suggested I try pearls and Acid-Ease. In just a few weeks, I had no more acid reflux. Finally, relief! I haven't felt this good in several years. Thank you, Bobbi.

- Cathie Orrick

Pit Paste 

Over the years I've spent an abundance of money on deodorants until I finally found primal pit paste. The consistency is great and smells aren't overwhelming. I was worried about sweating being that it's only a deodorant and having it lead to odor but it's not a problem with pit paste. The days are long gone of having to do a mid day recheck or application of deodorant. Primal Pit Paste is amazing and a must have.

- Aja Holman

21-Day Detox and Purification Program

I highly recommend the 21day cleanse! I had tried numerous diets to loose those stubborn 15 lbs.! I admit the first couple day's were hard! I was craving sugar which was my enemy! By about day 3-4 I no longer craved sugar! Starting the morning off with the shakes really gave me energy and we're very filling so I didn't feel hungry. After exercising I would snack on some vegies that I grilled the night before followed by another shake at lunch. I never felt hungry! I was so happy with the results! My hot flashes that plagued my body had disappeared! The pounds just melted off. I have since continued with the shakes every morning. I highly recommend the 21 day cleanse! Thank you Bobbi for your encouragement and support! It really works people!

♡ Susie Beard

Relief from Migraines
"The Butterbur with Feverfew supplement has completely relieved me from the pain of migraine headaches!  I no longer have to take amitiptyline (prescription med), which had some uncomfortable side effects."

- Lynda Holt

Note:  A local neurologist has been sending his patients in to buy butterbur for migraine headaches.  As migraines can be debilitating causing dizziness, nausea and vomiting, utilizing a non-drug alternative is appealing to many.  Used in Germany as a prescription remedy, butterbur has proven to reduce the frequency of migraines by 50% when used daily for at least 3 months. Scientists believe that butterbur works by promoting the relaxation of smooth muscle lining cerebral blood vessel walls and also combating inflammation.  Butterbur has also shown to be effective in managing seasonal allergies and asthma as per clinical studies. The Natural Alternative only carries the highest quality butterbur (as recommended by local docs) so our customers achieve the best results!

Goodbye Acid Reflux!
"After taking OTC and prescription medications for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) for several years, I found they were no longer effective. I didn't realize the medications were making the situation worse. Acid reflux was escalating and I was miserable. Bobbi at The Natural Alternative suggested I try Pearls and Acid Ease. In just a few weeks, I had no more acid reflux. Finally relief! Thank you Bobbi!"
-Cathie Orrick

Help for Psoriasis
"My fiance has psoriasis on his feet and I came in asking for help.  The first thing the woman said (Rodi of The Natural Alternative) was Neem oil.  I purchased it and his psoriasis began improving right away and was gone in 2 days!  I'm so happy and grateful!"

- Miranda Zoscole

NOTE:  According to Rodi, our personal care expert, the Triple Neem Ointment that Miranda purchased also works great on healing painful pimples .

Beautiful Skin!
"I have cystic acne and have found that the Devita products have really improved the state of my skin.  The Aloe Cleanser is especially great because I've noticed that my skin is softer and dark spots are fading faster.  This stuff is great!  Mom said its cheaper than the stuff you get from the dermatologist!"

-Happy Customer

Great Multi!
"mykind ORGANICS Women's Whole Food Multivitamin - LOVE this vitamin!  I always had issues with acid reflux and stomach issues with multivitamins.  These are wonderful--no issues and really powerful results--thank you!"

- Another VERY Happy Customer

No More Aching!
"Boswellis in BosMed500 has made all the difference in the world for joints. No more achy finger joints everyday!'

- Sue Larson

Tranquil Sleep
"I have been waking up with restless legs for the past 30 years. Since I started taking the supplement Tranquil Sleep, I no longer wake at nigh with my legs "jumping". I wake up in the morning alert and bright, not sluggish--it's unbelievable!'

- K.H.

21-Day Perification and Weight Loss Program
"Three years ago I received a report from my doctor that I had a year to get my cholesterol down or I would be placed on medication. I had always wanted to have a health Consult with Bobbi Conner at the Natural Alternative but of course I put it off because I was too busy. I thought with the recent news I had better take a minute for myself. I scheduled an appointment and filled out the health evaluation form dropped  it off and when I showed up to my appointment she had a game plan of how to get my health, energy level and all my other health concerns of feeling toxic, tired, sluggish and at a weight loss stalemate back on track.  I was advised among other advice she gave to do a 21 day Standard Process Cleanse [21-Day Perification and Weight Loss Program]. At her initial request all be it for  MY health, I thought there is no way I can do this. Too many days and would it be worth it? Well skip ahead 3 years and 3 SP cleanses later and I am here to say I would not start my year any other way. I actually look forward to not necessarily the 21 days but, how I feel upon completion of the SP cleanse. My head is clear, I am more awake, my general  health is much better and the best news is my cholesterol dropped and I am medication free. I am grateful for Bobbies advice and for saying yes to my health and the SP Cleanse."

- Kerry De La Rosa

21 Day Detox and Weight Loss Program
"When I started the 21 day cleanse, I was overweight, sluggish, undisciplined, and nutrient deprived.  I'll admit, the first 3 days were trying, as my typical day starts at 5am with an extra large Java as I dash to the operating room. I'm an anesthesiologist in an extremely busy practice so I was skeptical at first whether I would have time to prepare the shakes, and plan my meals. With a little discipline, I prepared my morning and noon shake early in the day, had a salad at lunch, and stuck to organics for my dinner.  After a few days devoid of processed sugars, carbs, alcohol, caffeine, my sense of taste had changed.  Natural flavors seemed to come alive.  I found I had more energy, I could think better, work better, and sleep better.  I felt more balanced.  Plus, the 12 pound weight loss wasn't bad either! Whether you're looking to lose weight, or simply regain a more balanced lifestyle, I highly recommend this program.  However, if you suffer from any cardiovascular disease, kidney dysfunction, liver dysfunction or diabetes, I strongly recommend consulting with your primary physician first before starting any weight loss program."

- Respectfully, John Heess, M.D.

10 Day Blood Sugar Program
Claudia made an appointment to see me as she wanted an "overall health assessment" regarding her diabetes, weight, and hormones. I felt she would be a great candidate for a 10 Day Blood Sugar Program which included a very healthy eating plan and high quality whole food supplements.  Here is what she said: "I wanted to tell you that my blood sugar has been down dramatically even below 100 several days:)  I have lowered my insulin dosage by three units and can imagine that going down further as I stay on this healthful eating plan.  I have another friend excited to come have a consultation but she is a bit older and simply needs to practice good health and weight loss.  She follows my blood sugar ups and downs with me and has been totally flabbergasted at how quickly and effectively this program has worked for me!"

-Claudia E.

Female Vitality Cleanse
Hi Bobbi! I'm Claudia E.'s daughter. I just completed my 10 day cleanse (Female Vitality Cleanse),  lost 8-9 lbs already, and feel great!   I'm continuing this way of eating and hoping to lose another 8-9 lbs before my trip home to California in 2 weeks! :)  Thank you and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sincerely, Amy

21 Day Purification Program
Bobbi recently suggested that I try the Standard Process 21 day purification system.  I was reluctant at first, but I thought "what do I have to lose?".   After the 3rd day I felt much better and by the 7th day I couldn't remember when I had felt so good.  I had a lot of energy, I was sleeping better than I had in years and my thinking was noticeably quicker and clearer.  I lost a total of 10 lbs on the cleanse.  The most important lesson I learned on the cleanse was that eating organic vegetables and fruit really do make a difference.  Bobbi, thank you for your encouragement and support during and after the process.  It was a positive life style change.   

John Chamness                                                                                                                                                           

Love My Skin
"I switched to the Devita Natural skincare products and they cleared up my rosecea!  I had been using a very expensive dermatologist line ($300) but it wasn't helping.  Devita's hyaluronic serum gel is the best I've ever used (it feels like it protects my pores).  This line is awesome and I tell all my friends about it!"

-Jill Byford

Increased Bone Density
"I started using the MyKind Organic Plant Calcium about 3 months ago and my bone density went up!  I would highly, highly, highly recommend this calcium.  After taking calcium for 40 years and still losing bone density, this is the only calcium that increased my bone density after only three months.  I am so happy!"

-Judy Weatherwax

Nutrition Consultation
"I have benefitted greatly from Bobbi Conner's nutritional advice. I was suffering from extreme fatigue due to irregular menstrual cycles. My cycles were occurring about every two weeks and sometimes would last for 9 days. I had used a hormone cream, which was not working at all. My friends and family suggested a D and C, and even a hysterectomy. I decided to see Bobbi. Bobbi listened carefully and compassionately to my situation. I was taking a plant-based iron, but she suggestion a stronger iron supplement with eleuthero. Also, because of her extensive study and research in women's health, she knew about products from Standard Process that I had never heard about. She knew the dosage I should take. These products have helped me more than I expected. In a short amount of time, ( 1 1/2 months) I have much more energy, and am back to participating in the sports I enjoy. My period has even become regular - a surprising 25-day cycle!

I am very appreciative of Bobbi and that she has devoted her life to helping others using nutrition and nutritional supplements. I can't begin to think of where I would be without her."

- Most sincerely, Valoree

Menopause Major Relief!
“About six weeks ago, I began taking AM PM PeriMenopause Formula.  I am a mid-forties woman and had been feeling a transition in mood such as depression and other physical symptoms such as sleeplessness and night sweats.  About 3-4 weeks into consistently taking the formula I began feeling like myself, having major relief of the symptoms I was suffering from!”

- Terry (a happy “perimenopausal “ customer)

Stop Leg Cramps Works!
"Stops Leg Cramps works so quickly!  I used to get cramps from my calf to my thighs and would be literally crying.  None of the medicine from the doctor ever worked.  This stuff works in seconds!"

- C.C. Ruttenhouse

Love Zeaxanthin!
"Many years ago I was diagnosed with open and closed angle glaucoma. The pressure in both of my eyes ran high all of  the time. (24-30) I have had laser surgery on both eyes multiple times, use eye drops twice a day and take a multiple vitamin that contains an ocular support component.  A few months ago on a visit to The Natural Alternative, I asked Bobbi a about using an additional eye support product.  She suggested I add Life Extension Super Zeaxanthin to my daily regimen.  Six weeks after adding the Super Zeaxanthin I had an appointment with my eye  doctor.  The pressure in both eyes was lower than it has been in years! (14) I am grateful for the suggestion to add Super Zeaxanthin to my regimen. It seems to be just the boost my body needs at this time to support my eye pressure!"

Thank you, Bobbi!

- Mary Pat George 

Zyflammend & Pain Relief
“I walked into The Natural Alternative two days ago and explained to Bobbi that I suffered from spinal stenosis, and was looking for something more natural for pain control.  The pain killers that were prescribed were just putting me to sleep.  Bobbi suggested Zyflammend as this herbal product had amazing research proving its effectiveness.  I have always been skeptical of the “herbal” approach, but decided to purchase it as I had nothing to lose.  I took 2 in the morning and two in the afternoon and after the 2nd day I worked out at the gym for 1 ½ hours with no pain whatsoever!  It was a miracle for me—I have suffered for so long—I just wanted to say thank you so much!”

- Patricia Barrett

Greater Health & Energy
"In Sept 2012 I came to Bobbi with a list of health concerns. I knew I needed to make some changes but I didn't know where to begin. I had two serious allergic reactions, sleep issues, low energy and trouble eliminating. Bobbi encouraged me to meet with her after keeping a three day dietary journal. I had already cut caffeine out of my diet when I initially spoke to her. When I returned my journal and met with Bobbi I was ready to listen and begin my journey to a healthy, happier me.

Bobbi's recommendations were simple. I began to eat whole foods including green veggies, fruits, salads, lean protein, legumes and to omit wheat, dairy, and sugar from my diet. These recommendations could have been an emotional road block for me but I knew I could do it.  I trusted that these few changes would help me. Bobbi gave me some nutritional supplements to help my body begin to digest foods better, to help with the daily stress I put myself through and to help me to get a restful sleep. One week into my journey I was sleeping better, feeling better, but I wasn't eliminating frequently enough. Bobbi made a few adjustments to my supplements and I've felt better since then. Once my body got on track with these new changes, we sat down again to discuss detoxing. I began and finished a simple ten day detox program.

Three months later I continue to eat a diet filled with fresh greens, fruits, veggies, legumes, nuts, and lean protein. I take acidophilus Pearls, Zypan, Intestinal Movement Formula, Calm and Somnitol Plus. In return I simply feel great! I sleep better. My body digests food better. 

There are several benefits that I've enjoyed since my journey began. I am wearing pants two sizes smaller and lost approximately 12 pounds. I am not hanging out in the kitchen pantry looking for something to fulfill my insatiable appetite. I am satisfied all day long! I don't have unhealthy food cravings. I am not addicted to food and caffeine. I am not counting points or calories. It is simply wonderful to feel this free!

I am grateful to Bobbi for sharing her knowledge and passion for health with me. I will continue to go into Natural Alternatives and seek advice. This year I will be 40. I am looking forward to the next 40 years filled with greater health and energy.

Thank you Bobbi!"

- Christine Coons

Amazing Psoriasis Relief!
“My husband has been suffering from psoriasis for quite some time.  We’ve tried all kinds of different lotions, creams, pills, and nothing has really worked.  He began using Turmeric capsules daily purchased from The Natural Alternative, and in less than 3 weeks it is almost cleared up!  It is absolutely amazing!”

- Laura of Templeton

Healing Store
“I like your store – I just walk in and I feel healed!”

- Louis Perez

"Rodi recommended Turmeric by Bluebonnet to me and it's great for my hands!  I'm a potter, and I have arthritis  Turmeric really helped with swelling of my hands.  I'm happier!  Thank you Natural Alternative!"

- Jim Gonzales

Hot Flash Relief
"I’ve been in menopause for 5 years and have tried everything from HRT patch, to bio identical creams and nothing worked to relieve my hot flashes.  I’m a registered nurse and after giving the conventional treatments a try, decided to try something natural.  I tried the Xymogen MenoFem at a dose of 2 per day and it worked amazingly well—no more hot flashes and feeling normal again!"

- Eva

Joint Health
"Hi Bobbi.  I just wanted to thank you again for the sample of Joint Health,  it had fast results for my pain.  I honestly was very surprised!  I live with inflammation of the joints, a lot of pain in my back, shoulders and hips.  The last couple of years the pain has gotten worse and I get so stiff at night it wakes me up and I can't get back to sleep because of the pain and stiffness.  I can't have a good, productive work week without sleep.  Which is what finally brought me into your store, to find some help.  I tried the sample and had an AMAZING day!  I was so active, I washed my car, washed my bulldog (no easy task!!) all without pain.  So the next day I thought I'd try it again--no pain!!  Then I started thinking, hmmmm, maybe this has caffeine which is why I got so much done, so at my doctor's appointment today I gave the doctor the packaging I saved and she looked it over and said it has no caffeine, and also said Joint Health has a really good combination of ingredients, so I got the green light to take it!! Yay!!  So happy to have some natural pain relief:):):)  I was so excited to buy my full sized bottle today!!!"

So thanks again for the samples, and all your help in the right direction,

- Susan

Stop by for your free sample of Joint Health and get relief today!

Picky Eater Loves KIDZ SUPERFOOD!
"My daughter absolutely loves the KIDZ SUPERFOOD!  She is the pickiest eater ever and doesn't eat veggies.  But she loves her SUPERFOOD and asks for it every morning.  She is 3 years old and has been taking it for the past year.  We will always use it!"

- Julie Powell, Paso Robles

NOTE: KIDZ SUPERFOOD is made with organic greens, fruits and vegetables, probiotics, and organic cocoa to give it its "outrageous" chocolate flavor.  Kids (and parents) love it--sold at The Natural Alternative!

Goodbye Acid Reflux
"The supplement Acid Ease worked better for acid reflux than any other medications that were prescribed for my husband.  He has no more (heartburn)problems!"

-Iris D

NOTE: Acid Ease is a digestive support supplement for sensitive stomachs containing plant based enzymes for enhanced digestion as well as marshmallow and slippery elm to soothe the heat.  A very effective supplement for those having issues with heartburn or gastric reflux.

Pain Relief
“I have arthritis in my thumb which was causing me great pain as I work as a grocery clerk.  I began taking Boswellia (2-3 per day) from The Natural Alternative and it has really helped control the pain.  I was afraid of daily use of Tylenol or ibuprofen and the side effects so am very happy to find a safe and effective natural alternative!”  K.P.

Paso Robles' Best Kept Secret!
This is from a customer as she was leaving the store: “You are Paso’s best kept secret!”

21 Day Purification and Weight Loss Program
“The first and second day were the hardest on the Purification Program.  I felt tired but pushed through it, and within the first week felt better, slept better, and by the end of the 21 day program I lost 15 lbs.!  My pants are looser, and the hot flashes that plagued me before are virtually gone!  I am also taking Estrovera (a plant based phytoestrogen supplement) and Oceans 3 Healthy Hormones.  I just feel so much better!”

- Penny

Weight Loss
“Thank you, Bobbi for all your assistance.  I lost weight so quickly-- normally I would lose 2 pounds a week, but during the 21 day Purification Program I lost 12#!  It was easy and the shakes and food were delicious.  The excess hormone (she had been on bio-identical hormones) was cleared from my system.  I had the energy to train for a 39 mile walking marathon and was even able to go down 2 dress sizes for my daughter’s weddingJ”

- Pat J., age 58

Alternative to Statin
"I purchased Red Yeast Rice w/CoQ10 from The Natural Alternative after I discovered I had elevated cholesterol through a blood test.  I didn’t want to take the statin drug, so after taking the RYR after 2 months the doctor ordered another blood test and was amazed that it had dropped significantly (25 or more points).  I then bought some Red Yeast Rice from a local pharmacy and the follow up blood test showed my cholesterol was going up again!  I returned to The Natural Alternative to purchase the original Red Yeast Rice formula that worked so well at reducing my cholesterol.

I also purchase the supplement GlycoTrol to help control my blood sugar.  If I don’t take it my blood sugar goes up.  It works!"

- Happy Customer

Down 16 Pounds
"I tried many different diets--from grapefruit to Atkins Diet--with no success.  With Bobbi Conner's help I have already lost 16 lbs. and now actually believe I can reach and maintain my goal weight."

- George P.

10 Year Customer
"I have been shopping at The Natural Alternative for more than 10 years.  I've always appreciated the knowledge and expertise of the staff as well as the excellent selection of quality products.  Your web site is great! 

- Jan Salemi  (Thank you Jan!)

Natural Menopause Relief
"I've been in menopause for 5 years and have tried everything from HRT patch, to bio-identical creams and nothing worked to relieve my hot flashes.  I'm a registered nurse and after giving the conventional treatments a try, decided to try something natural.  I tried the Xymogen MenoFem at a dose of 2 per day and it worked amazingly well--no more hot flashes and feeling normal again!"

- Eva

No More Sweets Cravings
"I had terrible sweets cravings.   I began taking Chromium Synergy from The Natural Alternative and it took my sweets cravings away completely!  I can actually walk past a bowl of M & Ms and be fine!"

- D. Hall

Sleeping at Last
"For at least 3 years, I've tried everything suggested to get a good night's sleep to no avail.  Actually this had been suggested, but it seemed too simple!  So I tried everything else first--then out of desperation I started using Inositol (by SP).  I sleep every night, wake up at a good time and have no grogginess--thank you!"

- D. Bebeau-Campas

New Mom Loves Vitamins
"I'm a nursing mother fielding through the aftermath that is postpartum!  I've been taking Vitamin Code Prenatal vitamins throughout my pregnancy, but stopped shortly after having my baby. Learning that they were also beneficial while nursing, I started taking them again.  OH THE DIFFERENCE!  My energy level is increased, my breast milk is higher quality, the "brain fog" of being a new mom decreased dramatically.  They make such a difference that when I recently ran out I was without for 4 days, my husband asked what was wrong with me.  I felt like a lethargic space case!  I told him I was out of my vitamins.  Thank you Vitamin Code for your incredible product and thank you Natural Alternative for carrying the best on the market!"

- Sincereley, Jennifer Janson (mother of 4, incl. a 7 mo. old)

Stronger Nails
"Since I started takaing New Chapter's Every Woman's One Daily my nails have been so much stronger!  They used to crack and split and be paper thin and this supplement has really made a difference!

- Karen C.

Zyflammend Helps Me Move
"New Chapter has been my best discovery this year!!!  Zyflammend has helped me get movement back in my body after two knee surgeries, being thrown off a horse, and left with scar tissue in my back and torn tendons in my shoulder.  This stuff has enabled me to move so I can rehabilitate and sleep at night without pain."     

- Peggy Keller     

Doggie Seizures Gone At Last
“I came to The Natural Alternative looking for something natural to give my dog who was having seizures. Flax oil for animals was recommended, and since I’ve been giving this to my pet he hasn't experienced a seizure for six months!”

- Happy Customer

Cholesterol Drop: 32 Points
“Approximately 8 weeks ago I started on a regime of Red Yeast Rice Plus CoQ10 and my recent blood test showed a drop in cholesterol of 32 points!”

- J. Schevon

Hot Flashes Gone!
“I was experiencing 10-15 hot flashes a day. I woke up every night with night sweats and I could not sleep. My practitioner recommended ProBalance Progesterone cream and after 3 days I stopped having hot flashes! I’ve been using it for 2 months now and I think I have had a total of 3 and I no longer have night sweats. I sleep through the night most nights now! I am very pleased!”

- Linda Cardinale

No More Eczema
“I started my 20 year old son on Omega Synergy and Vitamin D3 one month ago. His eczema cleared up and I was amazed!”
- Debbie Hall

Sleeping With Menopause
"I started using the Enzymatic Therapy's AM/PM Menopause Formula in July (2008).  I was having hot flashes and night sweats that were keeping me awake at night.  I sleep better now than I have in years and my hot flashes have decreased dramatically!"

- K.P.  (happy customer)

Love My Slim Styles Shakes
“Since I started using the Slim Styles Shake, I lost 10#! I am drinking two shakes a day and can’t believe how full I am!”

- Happy Customer

Not Stimulated, Just Energized!
“I love this product (Carnitine + Biotin). I have lost 30 pounds and have more energy than ever! You never feel stimulated just energized!

- Lisa Belmonte

Customer Appreciation Day

Dear Everyone at The Natural Alternative, I just wanted to thank all of you again and again for the generous gift basket!  I was so fortunate to be one of the winners of the Customer Appreciation Day drawing.  I feel like a "kid in a candy store" when I shop at your store--so many interesting and "good for me" items to choose from!  I just really enjoy shopping at Natural Alternative and I genuinely appreciate all of your friendly, helpful people.  Again, thank you!

- Pat

Lower Cholesterol Secret: Red Yeast Rice
I just wanted to pass on some exciting information on the effectiveness of Red Yeast Rice.  My husband had his cholesterol tested about a year ago and it was very elevated, almost 270!  He resisted any strict dietary changes, but I started him on a protocol of Xymogen Red Yeast Rice, CoQ10 and fish oil.  As he didn't take the supplements consistently, I didn't feel the protocol would be very effective.  To my surprise, his cholesterol dropped to 202 per his last blood test!  Wow!

- Bobbi Conner

Daughters Eczema Gone!
"OmegaAvail Synergy cleared my daughter's eczema after 7 years of suffering!  (She is 9 years old and had been given various pharmaceutical creams which only helped temporarily.)  Her skin is not itching any longer and feels so soft!  I also no longer have stinging skin issues (since using this product).  My skin always feels as though I just put lotion on.  I tell everyone who also suffers from dry skin and they come back to me also with amazing results."

- Smiles, Hally Olcatt

All my symptoms disappeared!
"I felt something going terribly wrong with my body.  I had made n appointment with my dentist as my gums were burning, an appointment with my neurologist as I had shooting pain down my arm (I thought my RSD was flaring up), and another appointment with my OB-GYN as I was experiencing irritability, mood swings, insomnia, and fatigue.  I thought I was having "hormonal" problems!  It was at that time, Bobbi called me from the Natural Alternative to tell me she had some bad news about sucralose.  As I used a lot of sucralose (i.e. Splenda) in my low-carb eating, I picked up the information from the girls at The Natural Alternative, and after reading of the adverse reactions, stopped all my food and drink containing sucralose (Splenda) immediately!  Within 48 hours, all my symptoms disappeared!  Thanks to the girls at Natural Alternative for doing their homework!  I told them they should paint "911" on their door as they saved my life!"

-Vicki Blackburn, September, 2003

No more hand pain
"For twelve years I have fought an eczema-like condition on my hands due to constant exposure to chemicals from my work as a mechanic.  To relieve the dryness and pain from the sores and inflammation on my skin, my doctor prescribed a cortisone cream, anti-inflammatory drugs, topical steroids, and occasionally a shot of ethromyacin (antibiotic).  Every night I would apply the topical cream and wear gloves to bed to ease the pain.  I was told that this condition would never improve unless I found a new line of work.  Bobbi convinced me to add flaxseed oil to my daily diet, and after approximately six weeks, my hands looked like new -- it was unbelievable!  I am off all drugs and medications, and with the simple addition of flaxseed oil, my hands are clear and pain free, and I'm still working as a mechanic!"

- Bob Joyce

Night Blindness
"I only took Life Extension's Super Zeaxanthin with C3G for two days and it greatly reduced my night blindness and sensitivity to lights while night driving."

- Colanne

Fast Results with Enzogenol
"I initially was going to try pycnogenol but researched and decided to try enzogenol.  Upon waking I was always very stiff and found it hard to get moving because of pain.  I have peripheral neuropathy and poor circulation.  I decided to take my first dose at bedtime.  I had no expectation for just one dose.  I woke up feeling 75% better.  It was amazing to have such a fast result!  I am impressed and will continue to use this for my health!

- Anita Givens, April 29, 2015

"I have been taking GROW BONES by Garden of Life for approximately two years.  At the onset my bone density in the hip was minus 2.3 (high risk for fracture.)  Now, after two years my bone density in my hip is 0.7 (average risk for fracture.)  My bone density has increased by 8.3% since my prior exam one year ago.  In regards to my lumbar spine I am 28% above average for my age and bone mineral density has increased by 8.9%.  T score is 0.18.  I attribute this increase in bone density to this product.  I am a very active woman of 67 years.  I ski black diamond ski slopes and now I can be relieved that I am at no more risk than the average person for fracture."

- JF

"Must tell you how thrilled I am with the help I have received at your store - both you and your employees have helped me so much - especially in the area of probiotics... seriously made me feel so much better after taking the one recommended- and it only took a couple of days to notice the difference.  I am FOREVER in your debt - and a more-than-satisfied customer.

- Carol Kiessig, Templeton

"My sister and I were visiting my mom this past weekend.  My sister Susie had an infection in her mouth (tooth and gum) for which she was taking both antibiotics and Motrin.  She was seeing no improvement and was in a lot of pain.  I looked in Mom's cabinet for an essential oil and found a bottle of Thieves, a Young Living essential oil blend.  I instructed her to put a couple drops on her finger and dab it on her gums.  The pain stopped almost immediately!  She woke up with her mouth throbbing during the night and repeated the Thieves.  No more pain and she drifted off to sleep.  She took the Thieves home with her!"

- Bobbi (Sister Susie)

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