Detoxification & Weight Loss Programs

When I started the 21 day cleanse (Purification Program), I was overweight, sluggish, undisciplined, and nutrient deprived. I’ll admit, the first 3 days were trying, as my typical day starts at 5am with an extra large Java as I dash to the operating room. I’m an anesthesiologist in an extremely busy practice so I was skeptical at first whether I would have time to prepare the shakes, and plan my meals. With a little discipline, I prepared my morning and noon shake early in the day, had a salad at lunch, and stuck to organics for my dinner. After a few days devoid of processed sugars, carbs, alcohol, caffeine, my sense of taste had changed. Natural flavors seemed to come alive. I found I had more energy, I could think better, work better, and sleep better. I felt more balanced. Plus, the 12 pound weight loss wasn’t bad either! Whether you’re looking to lose weight, or simply regain a more balanced lifestyle, I highly recommend this program. However, if you suffer from any cardiovascular disease, kidney dysfunction, liver dysfunction or diabetes, I strongly recommend consulting with your primary physician first before starting any weight loss program.
— Client Testimonial

Standard Process 10 & 21-Day Purification & Weight Loss Programs

This 3 week program is specifically designed to slowly, effectively, and safely detoxify your gastrointestinal system, liver, kidneys, and gallbladder. This program utilizes whole food supplements, while still enjoying healthy organic meals. As it takes 21 days to establish a new, healthy habit, participants enjoy renewed energy and continued weight loss even after they complete it! Average weight loss is 10-20 pounds.

After the 21 Day Purification Program I found I had more energy, I could think better, work better, and sleep better.  I felt more balanced.  Plus, the 12 pound weight loss wasn’t bad either!
— Client Testimonial

10-Day Female Vitality Program

This program is one that supports the liver to clear excess hormones and support detoxification while nourishing key endocrine glands.  Benefits include weight loss, improved digestion and elimination, increased energy, improved sleep, and calmer mood.

I just completed my 10 day cleanse (Female Vitality Cleanse),  lost 8-9 lbs already, and feel great!   I’m continuing this way of eating and hoping to lose another 8-9 lbs before my trip home to California in 2 weeks!
— Client Testimonial


10-Day Blood Sugar Program

Maintaining a controlled blood sugar level is imperative for your optimal health. Blood sugar levels that are consistently unbalanced can lead to type II diabetes, heart disease, inflammation, and obesity. To experience a new level of health and well being, it is crucial for you to reach and maintain your ideal weight and stable blood sugar levels. 

I wanted to tell you that my blood sugar has been down dramatically even below 100 several days:) I have lowered my insulin dosage by three units and can imagine that going down further as I stay on this healthful eating plan. I have another friend excited to come have a consultation but she is a bit older and simply needs to practice good health and weight loss. She follows my blood sugar ups and downs with me and has been totally flabbergasted at how quickly and effectively this program has worked for me!
— Client Testimonial


10-Day Program for Inflammation

Inflammation can become the enemy if it is causing your body to overreact to stressors and creating a chronic inflammation response. The 10 day Inflammation Program will help jumpstart the healing process and put your body on the fast track to reducing inflammation and living a healthier, more active life.